Javier Perez
67 Landers St., San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 861-4876

Sculptor/Jewelry Designer
Born in Sacramento, CA
Graduate of the California College of Arts

San Francisco. Open Studio 2003, 2004, 2005
Art Walk San Francisco. 2004
SOMA Art 2003, 2004
Mission Cultural Center 1993, 2003
Metal Arts Guild Show
The California Crafts Show
Fort Mason Holiday Show
Selland’s 2004

As I evolve and add to the pages of my life, I find myself again igniting my passion for art. My aim is to capture the beautiful essence of the human body.

My pieces are of clay, a very easy and pliable material. I can add, subtract, carve, and shape to achieve my vision. I leave the raw texture in most of my pieces to show the material. I see, I sculpt, I push the clay, fast and slow, dancing with the energy of my model and myself. The body is a beautiful element. My goal is to capture the spirit, emotion, gesture, and positive and negative space inspired by the human form.